2011/10/01 (Sat.) AmaKha Full-Band Live@横浜Thumbs Up

1st set:

1. AmaKha (Comp. by Yuji Yajima / Words by AmaKha)

2. How I Got Over

3. 翼を下さい (Arr. by Yuji Yajima)

4. Brighter Day

5. Be Blessed

6. Oh Happy Day (Arr. by Yuji Yajima)


2nd set:

1. Yes, We Can, Can

2. Victory

3. Rejoice and be Glad

4. Glorious Things (Comp. by AmaKha / Words by Kawori Mishina)

5. I'm Available to You

6. Bridge over Troubled Water (Arr. by AmaKha)


Optional Song:

1. 上を向いて歩こう (Arr. by Yuji Yajima)



三科かをり(Lead vocal)



Support Musicians:

三木智子 (Choir)
SAK. (Choir)
古川秀幸 (Choir)
森丘ヒロキ (Piano)
林良 (Organ/Synth.)
田中拓也 (Guitar)
村上広樹 (Drums)