2011/12/13 (Tue.) AmaKha X'mas Special Live@大船Honey Bee

1st Show:
1. 翼を下さい (Arr. by Yuji Yajima)
2. How I Got Over
3. Glorious Things (Comp. by AmaKha)
4. Yes, we Can, Can (w/Chieko)
5. Listen? or Dance? (Instrumental/Comp. by Chieko) (w/Chieko)
6. 上を向いて歩こう (Arr. by AmaKha) (w/Chieko)
7. Burnin' up the Carnival (w/Chieko)

1. Bridge over Troubled Water (Arr. by AmaKha)
2. Amazing Grace (Arr. by AmaKha) (w/Ashton & Chieko)
3. This Christmas (w/Ashton & Chieko)
4. White Christmas (w/Ashiton & Chieko)
5. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (w/Chieko)
6. I Believe I can Fly (w/Ashton & Chieko)

Enc. Silent Night (Arr. by Yuji Yajima) (w/Ashton & Chieko)



三科かをり (Lead vocal)

箭島裕治 (6st.Bass)


Support Musicians:
森丘ヒロキ (Piano)
加納樹麻 (Drums)


Special Guest Musicians:

堤智恵子 (sax.)
Ashton Moore (vo.)