2012.09.20 AmaKha meets Utage!@桜木町Dolphy

1st Set:

1. 7-Dwarfs (Instrumental)

2. How I Got Over

3. Feeling Good

4. Amazing Grace

5. 耳の洞の主 (Comp. by Masaki Hayashi)

6. Future Gold (Comp. by AmaKha)


2nd Set:

1. Yajima (Instrumental)

2. 花吹雪 (Comp. by Yuji Yajima)

3. I'm Going on the Way

4. Glorious Thing (Comp. by AmaKha)

5. His Eye is on the Sparrow

6. Bridge over Troubled Water (Arr. by AmaKha)


Optional Song:

1. 上を向いて歩こう (Arr. by AmaKha)


三科かをり (Lead vocal)

箭島裕治 (6st.Bass)

林正樹 (pn.)

岩瀬立飛 (drs.)