2012.10.28 (Sun.) AmaKha Live @ 大船Honey Bee

1st Set:

1. Step Out (Instrumental / Comp. by H. Morioka)

2. Yes We Can, Can

3. Love Lives On

4. Future Gold (Comp. by AmaKha)

5. His Eye is on the Sparrow

6.  How I Got Over


2nd Set:

1. The Glacial Queen (Instrumental / Comp. by Y. Yajima)

2. Glorious Thing (Comp. by AmaKha)

3. Love the One You're With

4. Bridge over Troubled Water (Arr. by AmaKha)

5. いつも近くに (Comp. by AmaKha)

6. Let it Be (Arr. by Yuji Yajima)


Optional Song:

1. Heaven Help Us All



三科かをり (Lead vocal)

箭島裕治 (6st.Bass)

森丘ヒロキ (pn.)

加納樹麻 (drs.)